Durex Mix Flavored Bundle
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Durex Mix Flavored Bundle

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Durex Play Very Cherry

Play Very Cherry feels smooth, tastes sweet and is deliciously fruity. Use it wherever you like, whenever you like. And because it’s totally sugar free, it’s one pleasure that’s also guilt free - so use as much as you like!

How to use: Take off cap and just squeeze the lube onto your intimate areas all over your body. You can use it with all Durex-Condoms. It is not a contraceptive and it doesn't contain spermicide. Suitable for vaginal and non-vaginal-sex.

Durex Flavours

Durex flavored Condoms in Pakistan come in a variety of vibrant colors and delicious flavors, including apple, strawberry, orange, and banana, to increase the excitement between you and your partner. These are just a few delightful fruit flavors that make sex even more enjoyable and exciting.

Many individuals love Durex condoms flavors in Pakistan, and for this purpose, Wellexy is providing this at your doorstep. Durex not only cares about colors and flavors but about the right fit for everyone. Since every person is unique, the ideal fit should always be cozy and safe. To determine which pack is the best fit for you, use the information on the side of the pack.

Each Condom is made specifically with your needs in mind; it is lubricated and teat-ended for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Natural latex condoms are transparent and odorless. In contrast, Durex offers Real Feel condoms made without latex to serve you the ultimate pleasure.