Fire Deal
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Fire Deal

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4 in1 CONDOM

4 features in one condom.
Dotted, Ribbed, Contoured and Flavored


Imported from WHO approved manufacturer


Long-lasting lubrication for comfort and sensitivity


For reliable contraception and STI prevention


Made with premium natural rubber latex which gives you the natural feeling.


Each condom is electronically tested for safety and quality. 

Fire Xtacy- Dotted, ribbed, flavoured and contoured condoms are designed for maximum performance and a memorable experience. The imported 4 in 1 condom is dotted, ribbed contoured and scented with a deliciously aromatic pineapple flavour.

Fire Xtacy- 4in1 condoms are imported from a quality-assured manufacturer. Reliable and effective, Fire Xtacy- 4in1 condoms are made with a premium natural rubber latex formulation and electronically tested to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.

Beaded Cock Rings In Pakistan

Beaded Cock Rings in Pakistan are a set of three building blocks with different diameters and structures. The rings easily attach to the penis and pass through the bloodstream, further tightening and developing Erection. Many people think that a Cock is a tool to increase pleasure during sex, but people with erectile dysfunction can use it to improve erection.

How Can Beaded Cock Rings Improve My Erection?

Although penis rings have not been shown to improve erectile function for everyone. Studies on individuals have shown that they can see some real benefits. The main advantage of Cock rings is that they can Improve erectile dysfunction.

How to Use?

  • Cock Rings fits around the base of the penis.
  • Around the penis and testicles, and puts pressure on the surrounding area.
  • This pressure compresses the blood vessels in the vagina, allowing blood to flow slowly.

How Beaded Cock Rings Works?

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction may be the inability of your body to maintain, or stop the flow of blood in the penis. Penis Ring hold blood in the penis longer and increase the total amount of blood in the penis for firm erection.

We know how important your privacy is, which is why discretion and loyalty are some of our best qualities, making sure the packaging is discreet and safe and does not reveal the origin and content of the package. Speed ​​and discretion in your deliveries are our priority!

These rings will last longer in your sexual life. It comes in three different sizes. Super elastic.

Product parameters:

  • Ring 1: 3.1 cm x 2 cm.
  • Ring 2 ፡ 3.3 cm x 2.05 cm.
  • Ring 3 ፡ clear clear 3.6 cm x 2.1 cm