Spanish Fliege Women Heat Drops
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Spanish Fliege Women Heat Drops

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Spanische fliege drops – for men and women’s sexual enhancement
spanische fliege drops contain the well-known cantharides (spanish fly) in safe controlled homoeopathically dosed quantities (d6), as well as ethereal oils which have long been used as aphrodisiacs in natural medicine. These drops are easy to use, for both you and your partner to have enhanced desire and sexual pleasure.

  • Give Girl’s libido a boost with this powerful herbal formula
  • enhance your feelings of desire and improve sexual performance

Ingredients: cantharis d6, oils of rosemary, cinnamon, peppermint and basil.
Dosage: take 10-20 drops with a little liquid
Please note: do not take more than 40 drops as effects are increased