The First Night
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The First Night

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Lubricant Used: 

Lubricant (lube for short) is a liquid or gel you can use during sex to lessen friction and increase pleasure. Lube and condoms are best friends — lube makes condoms feel better and helps keep them from breaking or pulling off, so they work better to protect you from pregnancy and/or STDs

Flavors Condoms:

Durex flavored Condoms in Pakistan come in a variety of vibrant colors and delicious flavors, including apple, strawberry, orange, and banana, to increase the excitement between you and your partner. These are just a few delightful fruit flavors that make sex even more enjoyable and exciting.

Many individuals love Durex condoms flavors in Pakistan, and for this purpose, Wellexy is providing this at your doorstep. Durex not only cares about colors and flavors but about the right fit for everyone. Since every person is unique, the ideal fit should always be cozy and safe. To determine which pack is the best fit for you, use the information on the side of the pack.

Each Condom is made specifically with your needs in mind; it is lubricated and teat-ended for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Natural latex condoms are transparent and odorless. In contrast, Durex offers Real Feel condoms made without latex to serve you the ultimate pleasure.

How Can Beaded Cock Rings Improve My Erection?

Although penis rings have not been shown to improve erectile function for everyone. Studies on individuals have shown that they can see some real benefits. The main advantage of Cock rings is that they can Improve erectile dysfunction.

How to Use?

  • Cock Rings fits around the base of the penis.
  • Around the penis and testicles, and puts pressure on the surrounding area.
  • This pressure compresses the blood vessels in the vagina, allowing blood to flow slowly.

How Beaded Cock Rings Works?

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction may be the inability of your body to maintain, or stop the flow of blood in the penis. Penis Ring hold blood in the penis longer and increase the total amount of blood in the penis for firm erection.

We know how important your privacy is, which is why discretion and loyalty are some of our best qualities, making sure the packaging is discreet and safe and does not reveal the origin and content of the package. Speed ​​and discretion in your deliveries are our priority!

These rings will last longer in your sexual life. It comes in three different sizes. Super elastic.