Timing Deal
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Timing Deal

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Durex Extra Time:

Enhance the intimacy of your special moments with the Durex Extra Time condoms. These condoms contain special climax-control lubricant, Benzocaine, that helps him last longer while providing the same level of reassurance and protection as a regular condom.

  • Extra Time - Designed to delay the climax and enjoy a long lasting experience
  •  He lasts longer - Lubricated with Performa Lubricant which contains benzocaine to make him last longer
  •  Safety - Each condom is electronically tested for imperfections, the special way

Eros Timing Cream:

Eros is one of the best Timing Cream in Pakistan. Available in small, convenient packets in eye-catching gold cartons. Try it once to see how they affect your ability. 

You can buy Eros Timing cream from Wellexy, as we only offer high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Short description:

  • Reduces male over sensitivity
  • Contains Lidocaine
  • For prolong sexual pleasure


Eros Cream contains lidocaine which is a topical anesthetic which reduces sensitivity of touch receptors. It is formulated to reduce over sensitivity in the male and prolong sexual pleasure.


  • Reduces over-sensitivity in the male
  • Prolongs sexual pleasure
  • Exerts a calming effect and aids sexual confidence

How to use:

  • Apply a thin layer to the head of the penis shortly before intercourse
  • As a rule use about 1 cm of cream as extruded from the tube, rub over the head of penis and wait until slight numbness is felt

    Delay Timing Up to 20 to 25 minutes.


Libido Thin :

These Libido Time Delay condoms, which are made of natural rubber latex, are medical devices for contraception and for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Libido prolong contains a special lubricant that delays climax, Control Time Delay and sexual excitement for a long lasting love making.

  • Contains a Special Lubricant
  • Prolongs Sexual Excitement
  • Long Lasting
  • 100% Electronically Tested

Use: Use a condom only once. Don’t use oil-based lubricants