5 Best Sexual Wellness Products To Try

by SEO HUB on September 16, 2022
Durex Products

The sexual wellness business has expanded and evolved in recent years. Most people have become more open about their sex life. Sex has become a more public part of the conversation, which helps shed light on high-quality sexual wellness products within the industry. Even celebrities are jumping on the sexual wellness train.

People are starting to explore how sexual pleasure products are part of the general health and wellness experience. Sexual wellness also affects other aspects of our health. Numerous inspiring brands are trying to make sex less of a taboo topic these days. Therefore, as we look forward to the industry growing even further, we would like to highlight some of our best sexual wellness products at the moment below.


1.      Durex Very Cherry Lube 50 ml

Durex Very Cherry's Lube provides perfect lubrication with an aroma of delectable fruits. To apply, make sure you read all the instructions on the back of the bottle. Moreover, every Durex-Condom can be used with it.


2.      Durex Extra Time Pack

Durex Extra Time condoms can be used to extend sexual time. These condoms have a specific climax-control lubricant called benzocaine that extends the duration of the sexual interaction. It offers the same amount of protection as a standard condom. Each condom is electronically inspected for flaws as part of a particular method to ensure its safety.


3.      Durex Delight Vibrating Bullet

Durex Play Delight Bullet Vibrator/Personal Massager is a compact and covert vibrator designed to improve sexual pleasure. You can enjoy the intense pleasure together with a duplex delighting vibrating bullet. Perfect for all-over body sensation for your partner to provide her with intense pleasure. It is made up of silicon to provide a quivering pleasure.


4.      Durex Intense Pleasure Ring Pack of 2 Rings

Durex pleasure rings can help your erection last longer than normal. The soft, flexible material used to make this ring allows it to fit most males comfortably.


This cock ring has been formed with your mutual enjoyment in mind, maximizing erection for longer. It fits at the base of the penis and can be worn with or without a condom. To make it work effectively, use it no longer than thirty minutes at a time.


5.      Latex Condoms

Latex Condoms are designed to provide you maximum protection during sex. They are manufactured from slightly thicker latex with extra silicone lubrication. They provide additional safety and peace of mind without having to sacrifice any of the pleasure.


Compared with non-latex condoms, which are expensive, latex condoms are the best at stopping sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Latex condoms' flexible nature makes them more resilient and valuable against the risk of slippage and breakage. That's why it's recommended to use a latex condom for maximum safety.


In this guide, we have explained a few essentials that can help in having maximum pleasure and safety while having sex with your partner. To buy any of the products mentioned above, connect with Wellexy. We are recognized for our top-notch medical equipment, sexual wellness, and feminine care products. We also offer the best-priced  durex condoms flavors in Pakistan.

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