Can Timing Creams Make Sex Enjoyable?

by SEO HUB on July 10, 2022

It is no secret that the new generation loves sex. And that’s great if you ask us! We mean, what is wrong with wanting more spice in the bedroom? And one option to do that is using timing creams.

Timing creams are a good option to make your sex life more interesting and enhance foreplay in ways you never thought possible. Are you thinking of buying a timing cream but are hesitant? Here are a few ways it will benefit your sex life!

5 Reasons Why You Need Timing Creams

1.   Timing Creams Can Be Used To Treat Premature Ejaculation

Timing creams can do wonders for your sex life. This is because they will help you do greater foreplay and have more fun before sex.

Timing creams are especially great for people who suffer from premature ejaculation. This is a difficult thing to go through and one can feel hesitant in asking for help. Timing creams are a great option you can try if you want an easy and effective solution.

Did you know one of the most common causes of premature ejaculation is sensitivity? Timing creams reduce the sensitivity in your penis, helping you last a long time during sex.

2.    Timing Creams Can Be Purchased Without A Prescription

Timing creams are pretty easy to buy and do not require any prescription. That is because they are not a drug and do not need a doctor’s prescription to purchase. So, if you do not want your doctor’s advice on the matter, you can try this option as it is pretty discreet and a good option for self-help.

Hence you can buy them easily without any hassle. Do you want to buy some of the best timing creams in Pakistan? Check out Wellexy for these and more!

3.   Timing Creams Are An Easy Option

Timing creams are extremely easy to use and can be used whenever you want. Unlike medication, they do not have to be taken all the time. There is no set schedule and you can take them whenever you are in the mood for having sex.

This convenience of use is a pretty big reason for people to use timing creams.

4.   Timing Creams Are Cost-Effective

These creams are available at pretty reasonable prices and do not cost you an arm and a leg. In addition, you do not have to use a large amount of the cream to get the desired results. Using only a small quantity can make a lot of difference and help you achieve some great and pleasurable sex.

This also means that you will not feel completely numb. We also advise not using too much of the cream because the numbing action will then be stronger and will interfere with your sensation to have sex.

5.   Timing Creams Rarely Have Side Effects

If used correctly, the ingredients are fairly safe to use and will not cause any side effects or health issues. The ingredient that is most commonly used is lidocaine, but some creams may also use benzocaine or prilocaine. These topical anesthetics are considered safe for most people.

Some people may be allergic to any one of the ingredients, in which case they can try an alternative. But this is pretty uncommon and timing creams work well with most people.

How Do Timing Creams Work?

Timing creams are made to be applied to the tip of your penis. This part is the most touch-sensitive and the timing cream slightly numbs this area so that you will not ejaculate as easily and early. If you are worried about lessened sensation, we assure you that there have been studies on the topic timing creams do not affect the quality of your orgasms or overall experience of sex.

To properly use this cream, apply it 30 minutes before having sex. What you will see is a significant difference in the time of ejaculation, which will achieve better sexual gratification for you and your partner.

The Final Verdict

Timing creams are a great option for people looking to have greater foreplay and prolong sex. And even though it's your personal choice, we think it is a pretty good option. Why not give it a try and then decide?

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