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Pack of 3 Durex Extra Safe Condoms of 12


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Get The Best Durex Products From Wellexy

With more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing, Durex is all set to serve Pakistan with its amazing product range, which are available at Wellexy. Durex products are made utilizing the best raw materials, so we understand performance well. Durex collaborates with experts in the sex industry. They are doctors, scientists, and academics who are working to improve the way sex feels. The main goal of Wellexy is to provide people with such products that can add a completely new meaning to their sex life. 

Durex Products In Pakistan

In Pakistan, people experience shame when purchasing any kind of sexual goods. But what’s wrong in practicing safe sex with your partner?. It is scientifically proven that having healthy sex with your spouse makes you sexually active and leads to the ideal life with the person you love. Therefore, using sex products in your life is essential to living a healthy existence.

By buying Durex products, one thing is certain and that is you will be having the best time of your life with your partner without worrying about any health hazards. 

Durex provides a variety of condoms to individuals looking to spice up their sex life, which includes:

  • Ribbed & dotted condoms
  • Non-latex condoms
  • Extra Sensitive condoms
  • Air condoms

Here at Wellexy, we have a variety of Durex products in our collection to serve the customers for what they are looking for. We have kept the Durex condom prices in Pakistan very minimal so it is within everyone’s reach. 

Durex Delay Lubes In Pakistan

Durex offers multiple lubricants to add pleasure, ease, and extra time to your sex life. Applying a tiny bit of Durex delay lube will help you stay in bed longer. It improves endurance, enabling you to experience pleasure in the most pleasing way possible for a much longer time. 

It essentially lengthens sexual contact by 5 to 15 minutes. You will have a pleasant and comfortable experience using this delay lube because it is easy to use. Durex is relatively affordable in Pakistan and offers an excellent delay that can help you better please your wife.

The chance of getting damaged products is too high because of the abundance of online stores. So, it is better if you choose Wellexy to buy such products that can spice up your sex life. We offer necessary sexual health products in the at your doorstep as quickly as possible.