Timing Products (60)

Eros Timing Cream Lidocaine 15g


Eros Timing Spray Lidocaine 14ml


Knight Rider Delay Spray Maximum Long Duration 15ML


Durex Extended Pleasure (Timing) Condoms Pack of 12


Knight Rider Herbal Delay Cream


Crystal Reusable Condom


Feel Vibrating Butterfly Ring USA


Xtacy premium Condoms By CSM


Durex Performa Pack of 3


The Best Timing Products At Your Doorstep

Wellexy is always ready to provide customers with high quality products at their doorsteps. Here, we are presenting you with the finest timing products by authentic companies.

Sex is quite important for a happy and cheerful marriage. We understand the importance of pleasing your partner completely during sex, so we bring a range of different products to assist you in it.

Timing Spray

Many people complain about sex timing that it is too short, making them unable to perform for a more extended time. However, for this purpose, they spend a considerable amount on medication and other stuff and end up with little to no results. 

We have a simple solution; try timing spray. It's time to enjoy the pleasure during prolonged sexual activity with Wellexy's timing sprays in Pakistan.

Not everyone gets the pleasure of sex due to sexual limitations. Discharging quite early is what most men face while having sex. This can be disheartening to both partners, as we all know sex is most worth it when everybody gets the cookie.

For this, timing sprays have become increasingly popular. It might be beneficial to at least give it a try and add a few extra minutes to the journey.

Timing Lubricants

Try a delay lube if a spray doesn't appeal to you. This water-based solution helps you go longer by desensitizing your member. It functions as a smooth lubricant for you and your partner because it is a lube. 

We only showcase the most exceptional items like Durex timing products to serve our customers with the best possible outcomes. All the lubes or gels presented in this category are of high quality and from trusted manufacturers.

Delay Condoms

Delay condoms can assist you in regaining control if your penis is particularly sensitive. Each condom is covered with a lubricant that includes specific elements allowing a man to last longer. These elements basically act as an anesthetic and numbs the penis just enough to prevent overstimulation and increase the duration of sex.

So, place an order now, and get your desired products at your doorsteps.